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Digital Marketing Coordinator

Mobilize the next generation of missionaries through online ads, social media and more!
Administrative, Marketing, Americas, Global, Long-term (1+ years), Missionary, N America, Remote
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Role Summary
Are you good with computers, navigating online services and dashboards, or basic web page design? Then join our missionary mobilization team to help us connect with Christians to become a TWR missionary. Through online advertising, social media, and job boards, your work will ensure that God’s calling on TWR, to reach the whole world for Christ, will be accomplished.

Digital Marketing Coordinator: North Carolina, USA, remote

The primary purpose of this role is to a) generate qualified leads and applications for long-term missionary service through online advertising, social media, job boards, general inquiries, other organizational partnerships, etc., b) enter contact information into our CRM, and c) follow-up with these leads until they start the application process. Secondary purposes will be to a) generate qualified short-term leads and applications, and b) become proficient in trouble shooting and basic configuration of our CRM/application software (SiteStacker).

Core Competencies:

  • Designing and maintaining Google, Facebook, or Linked in advertising campaigns within budget
  • Computer software use and configuration (e.g., SiteStacker, MS Office365, MS Forms, etc.)
  • Good written and verbal communications skills for job posts and contact follow-up
  • Microsoft Office365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, etc.)


  • Create and manage Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other paid ad campaigns and stay within budget
  • Create and manage magazine, newspaper, and other print ads (e.g., EMQ, Radio World) 
  • Create and manage job postings on and produce the Open Roles Report for the CPO
  • Manage job postings with MissionNext, ChristianJobs, Handshake and other job boards
  • Follow-up all leads by email, phone call, text, or video call until they apply, withdraw, or become unresponsive. 
  • Enter lead information into SiteStacker for automated follow-up
  • Monitor and respond to all emails in the Mobilization inbox and Google text/voicemail inbox 
  • Occasionally (up to four per year) attend and coordinate planning for assigned recruiting events. This may include registrations, reserving a rental car and hotel as needed, attending the event, and presenting TWR and following up with contacts made.
  • Provide reports to the Director of Mobilization or the CPO
  • Troubleshoot our application software configuration (SiteStacker) and contact login issues as they arise
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