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Provide people with trustworthy news on a station that will also give them true hope!
A-V Production, Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Global, Middle East, Full Time, Part Time, Long-term (1+ years), Short-term (3-12 mo.), Missionary

Are you an experienced newscaster? We invite you to talk to us! TWR uses the news to attract and inform listeners. We are creating a global news service (hard news and Christian newscasts) in order to supplement our programming and offer it to stations around the world. Work from your home studio or be part of one of our regional broadcast centers, providing people with trustworthy news on a station that will also give them true hope! 

Location: Flexible. You can serve in one of our regional offices or remotely. The work is global and the subject matter is not limited to the location where you serve.

Please note: This position is a supported/sponsored missionary role (not a direct hire opportunity), so you would develop a team of partners who provide financially for your full salary and benefits as a part of this role. We do provide training, resources, and coaching to help missionaries reach these financial support goals!

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