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"This is Real Talk" Podcast for Millennials

“Does spirituality even matter in the 21st century?” “What happens to me after I pass away?” “Where do my moral values come from?”
Europe, Europe - South

“Does spirituality even matter in the 21st century?” “What happens to me after I pass away?” “Where do my moral values come from?”

Eighty-two percent of European Millennials are completely disconnected from churches and religious organizations. To this people group, the questions above are confusing, complicated…and vital. They are yearning for truth.

Many young people go to online podcasts to find answers to their deepest questions. We are currently in the midst of a global podcast phenomenon. This is a gift from God for a media organization like TWR, and we need to meet those young people where they search for truth!

Furthermore, podcasts are ideally suited for engaging in personal and profound conversations about important spiritual topics. We now have a new podcast doing exactly this and reaching out to young, secular people—This Is Real Talk!

This Is Real Talk! is a video podcast series in which our host interviews young, prominent Christians, including writers and professional athletes, about fundamental spiritual questions such as those above. The videos are distributed via YouTube and the audio via popular audio apps.

We have already begun with the Spanish pilot project of Esto Es Real Talk! Check out the video version on YouTube. You can also listen to it on iTunes,Spotify, SoundCloud and Ivoox.

We hope to expand to new languages in Europe and beyond in the future. Many secular young Europeans are apathetic to religion. They see it as irrelevant to their lives. However, they are searching for truth and open to honest conversations.

Will you join us in this great opportunity to use a current media trend to reach a largely ignored audience with truth?


1 There are few recent religious statistics on European Millennials. The population surveyed in this statistic were 16 to 24-year-olds in 2006, so they would be about 29-37 years old in 2019 (i.e. older Millennials).

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