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Our Projects

Most unreached peoples of Central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa (CAMENA) live in countries or communities where...
Africa, Asia, Middle East, Africa - North, Asia - Central, MIF
Mission 66 comprises a teaching program series that will be broadcast in Portuguese to Mozambique and Angola.
Africa, Africa - South & East, Angola, Mozambique
The vast continent of Africa is home to nearly 2,500 ethnic groups, and many of them are Muslims. Throughout the rural settings...
Africa, Africa - South & East, Africa - West & Central, radio, RFTW
"Thank you very much for the Woman of Hope program. I just listened to it, and it helped me so much. I wanted to kill my...
Africa, Africa - South & East, Africa - West & Central, TWR Women of Hope
The 33 million people of Angola live in the aftermath of a long civil war that left behind a weak economy and dangerous...
Africa, Africa - West & Central, Angola, MIF
We’re bringing the word of God straight into the hands of those most in need in Africa!
Africa, Africa - South & East, Africa - West & Central, radio
The people of Portuguese-speaking Mozambique have experienced continuous trauma in recent years due to ongoing flooding,...
Africa, Africa - South & East, MIF, Mozambique
The Prophets is an evangelistic program that shares the stories of the Old Testament prophets and shows how they point toward...
Africa, Africa - North, Africa - West & Central
Your gift to support broadcasts on our West Africa Transmitting Stations will truly be an Oasis to listeners in this...
Africa, Africa - West & Central
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