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Our Projects

Most unreached peoples of Central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa (CAMENA) live in countries or communities where...
Africa, Asia, Middle East, Africa - North, Asia - Central, MIF
Women in India face a disheartening struggle from the moment they are born. Many are aborted or abandoned as infants, so much...
Asia, Asia - South, India, TWR Women of Hope
Raniag ti Namnama is the Ilocano-language counterpart of Women of Hope, TWR's successful radio program designed specifically...
Asia, Asia - Southeast, Philippines, TWR Women of Hope
“Without the programs and your love and dedication, we would not have access to the message of the gospel from our Father in...
Asia, Asia - Northeast, MIF, North Korea, persecution
A significant number of people in Central Asia live in rural areas. Despite the geographic distances, they still seek to be...
Asia, Asia - Central, CAMENA, radio, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, RFTW
Sri Lanka is an island nation of 21 million people situated off the southern coast of India. The majority adhere to Buddhism,...
Asia, Asia - South, MIF, Sri Lanka
In the 1970s, the brutal Pol Pot regime nearly destroyed Cambodia, killing around 2 million people through execution, forced...
Asia, Asia - Southeast, Cambodia
In these days of great turmoil and change taking place in Afghanistan, we have the opportunity to be God’s instrument to...
Asia, Asia - Central, TWR Women of Hope
TWR in Cambodia has a long-running ministry to children that not only includes radio programs but in-person rallies where the...
Asia, Cambodia, MIF
Chinese culture has traditionally placed a higher value on the male gender. Under the one-child policy (implemented between...
Asia, Asia - Northeast, China, TWR Women of Hope
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