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Ukraine update: Glimmers of hope amid peril

By TWR Staff
CE Europe, Europe, Global, Russia, Ukraine, turmoil

UPDATE: March 2, 2022

Thank you for your continued prayers for TWR’s partners and contacts in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Your prayers matter.

In the seventh day of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, we have some good news to share: A few family members have made it across borders to safety.

Among them are the 2-year-old granddaughter of TWR’s director* in Ukraine, reports Frank Stephenson, European communications director. The little girl, along with her mother and a Women of Hope producer* have crossed into Romania, where they are staying with Christians.

This came soon after especially perilous events. Fighting had broken out, forcing our director and his family to abandon the children’s home where they had been staying and to hide in nearby trenches. Our director shares his thoughts in this accompanying video.

The people of the region continue to desperately need your prayers. This message comes from a producer* of the Beacon of Hope series from the TWR Kharkiv studio in Ukraine.

“Pain, pain and again pain. These are the feelings that prevail at the moment. Pain for people who experience confusion, fear and panic when shells explode nearby, windowpanes fly out and you don’t know if a shell will hit your house. Pain for the children who are under incredible stress. Pain for their destroyed city, for their country that is now crying tears of loss, fear and despair. When my husband persuaded me to prepare my things, my documents, in advance, I could not believe that war was possible. But today it is a terrifying reality. Thank you to all the brave people who sacrifice themselves as messengers of light to help others.”

Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, has been bombarded for three straight days. The Wall Street Journal reports that airstrikes have hit residential areas and civilian infrastructure.

But light shines in the darkness (John 1:5). We’ve shared about the staff member* who has a child with special needs and whose travel has been slowed because of that. This staff member told a colleague that, despite the darkness of the situation, he has experienced and heard countless stories of God’s grace and protection for people. Praise God!

Please pray with us:
  • In thanksgiving for family members of staff in Ukraine who have made it to safe refuge in other countries. Ask that those en route also would be able to make it to safety.
  • For those still in Ukraine, and especially the men between the ages of 18 and 60 who must stay and serve in their nation’s defense.
  • For physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being for those suffering greatly because of this war.

If you would like to help our ministry partners financially during this time of crisis, you can find out how to give here.

* Names withheld for security reasons

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