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We partner with...

Reaching a Global Congregation

We join hands with churches and pastors to take your gospel work from the four walls of your church building to brothers and sisters the world over.

A Gospel Network

Bring your mission to the table and join a global network of partnerships faithfully serving our common calling: to make Jesus widely, deeply and personally known.

Bringing Missions to the Air Waves

We collaborate with radio stations in the US to take the missions field to your audience, right where they are.
We share your vision to reach every people in every corner of the earth with the good news of Jesus.
Media as Mission

In a world buzzing with technology, media can reach far beyond the arm’s length of human ability, overcoming anything from language barriers to geographic isolation.

Media as Mission

Media can take your ministry to the world — but how?

That's where we come in.

With people just like you:
Together, we can bring the gospel to the nations.
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