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About two-thirds of the global Christian population once lived in Europe. Now, the continent is steadily marching toward post-Christianity — and we want to change that. Our global network is taking the gospel to 33 countries in 35 languages across this spiritually forgotten continent.
From luxury watches in Switzerland to Germany’s lucrative automobile industry, Northwestern Europe is home to some of the most developed economies worldwide. Despite this, it is rapidly becoming one of the most spiritually-impoverished regions of the world. We want to change that.

From its introduction to the region in the first century, Christianity was initially a persecuted minority and steadily blossomed into the dominant faith over 300 years. Despite the wealth of Christian history and tradition, most Southern European Christians today are so in name only. 
TWR’s programs seek to revive their fading faith.

Following the fall of the Iron Curtain, religion has become deeply entwined with national identity in several Central and Eastern European countries. Often overwhelmed with brokenness, poverty or even persecution, many people in this region don’t know where to turn for encouragement. That’s where we come in.

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