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Ukraine Update: Sharing Messages of Hope Along the Front lines of the Donbas Region

By TWR Staff
CE Europe, Europe, Global, Russia, Ukraine

UPDATE: February 24, 2022

As military action breaks out in Ukraine, the local contacts of Trans World Radio (TWR) faithfully and courageously share the light and hope of Christ to people living near the areas of conflict.

“In the past few days, the people who distribute our radios have been holding meetings and sharing the gospel message in villages along the front lines,” reports TWR’s ministry director for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. “There are many people who want to hear the gospel. People are panicking. The only consolation is God. Many people come to the meetings.”

A local ministry contact along the front lines wrote to TWR before military action broke out early Thursday: “We worked for a few days in one of the villages. It was time to go home. The situation at the front is not stable. It was ‘noisy’ tonight with several houses being damaged. People are asking us to pray for them. During these days we have had several encounters with people. We prayed and asked God for protection.Thank you for being with us in prayer and for doing good together!”

TWR has a national partner in Ukraine and a ministry affiliation in Russia. The ministry offers encouraging and sound Christian programming to people across the region. It has an impact, as many listeners remain in the disputed region. TWR’s local contacts are committed to accompanying and supporting them in these trying times.

Furthermore, new programs are being broadcast into the region that have been adapted to this new situation.

Dirk Müller, international director for TWR Europe, is asking for prayer.

“Please pray for our teams in both conflicting countries, Ukraine and Russia, and that many will come to know Christ,” Müller said.

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