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South Europe

With Christian faith steadily becoming less common, and an influx of refugees seeking sanctuary in this part of the world, the nations of South Europe are teaming with people in pursuit of answers to life’s biggest questions. TWR’s global network is meeting them in their circumstance and answering their questions in their heart languages. 

Ministry Highlights

Real Talk in Spain

Many young secular people in Europe have little to no contact with biblical truth and go to online podcasts to find answers to their deepest questions. Our Real Talk podcast speaks to millennials who are disconnected from church and religion. The program combines interviews with interesting, known guests and discussion on the biblical view of difficult issues. The podcast is a great example of how TWR´s partnership with a local partner, Canal de Vida, helps bring the gospel to life for their audience!

DiscoverLifeMagazine in Greece

DiscoverLifeMagazine is a new quarterly publication geared towards ministering to young people throughout the Greece. With plans to expand to monthly editions in print, web and digital formats, the site alone has acquired hundreds of thousands of site visits in its fledgling lifespan.
Internet Radio in France

With the second-largest population of Muslim-background people in Europe, France is a hub of second and third generation young people with very different world views and values from their elders. Our work with Radio Colombe, an internet radio station broadcasting from France, seeks to meet this generation with culturally-appropriate biblical guidance in their heart languages.

Featured Projects in South Europe

Updates from South Europe

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