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Called to Serve: Peter Fuss, Senior Systems Administrator

By TWR Staff
C Asia, N Africa, S Europe, CAMENA, Cyprus, Germany, Europe, Middle East, Information Technology
“There are many ways that you can serve our Lord in the TWR family. I invite you to explore this website to discover how God can employ your unique gifts and talents to bring the transforming message of Jesus Christ to the ends of the world.” — Lauren Libby, TWR president

At TWR, we stand by the conviction that missions is not limited. We believe that God's kingdom work is expansive — crossing continents, lives and careers. And God will use anyone with willing hands and an open heart to share the gospel — people like Peter. And if the Lord can use a senior systems administrator to reach the world, how could he use you?

We sat down with Peter to talk about the journey that brought him into the TWR family and how the Lord is using his skills to help share the gospel. You can also view this interview on YouTube.

Tell us, Peter, what was your career prior to coming to TWR?
I’m from Germany and, as many Germans, I graduated high school and started with an education job school as a metal worker. I’ve been on construction, welding, and that’s what I did.

How did you begin to sense God was calling you to missions?
My first encounter with God wanting me to be on the mission field was me visiting a friend in Paraguay. He did a one-year’s internship there and I had the chance to travel with him through the area. We had been asked at some point to help with the ministry that does food distribution in really poor areas. And there I realized not only how poor people can be, but how much of a difference it makes if people know the Lord as their Savior and have real hope and joy. And that’s where I realized I really want to be involved in spreading God’s Word and meaning to the people.

What was your transition journey like?
My transition journey was quite a long journey. In the end, it took me seven years from being in South America to being with TWR. I had a really bad accident, and I needed to learn a new job, and overall it was an up and down, but God always showed me that he was there, and I always wanted to serve him with my skills.

How does your job at TWR compare with your past role?
I’m working as a senior systems administrator for TWR now. I’m overseeing the European region and CAMENA [Central Asia, Middle East, North Africa] as well. And I am coordinating computers and all the IT needs for the region. Compared to my secular job, it’s not so much different really. Computers are the same. There are differences in the way we approach projects. It’s different to work with a nonprofit.

What excites you about your role at TWR, and how would you describe the TWR community?
Personally, I’m excited about what TWR does. From my passion to sharing the truth and hope with people ... that’s exactly what TWR does. We’re speaking the good message to millions of people every day and that’s my real personal excitement.  And I’m part of it with my daily work. We enable the programs to go out and the different projects — that’s really exciting to me. The environment of the community of TWR is something you’re probably never going to experience in a secular job or regular job because of all the international environment … international staff members, the different areas you work in. So it’s really interesting and exciting work to do with all of this international team with all having the passion of sharing God’s Word.

What would you say to someone who is exploring a transition from a secular job to a mission’s role?
I think transitions are really hard, and for me the most important part always for myself was to stay clear and be focused on God. Know that he is providing and know about his truth and the things he promised to us. Sometimes we are going a little bit around in different ways we want, but we need to be always clear that God is the one who leads our path.

Peter and his wife, Raquel, live in Cyprus where Peter serves as senior IT system administrator for the Europe and CAMENA region. In his role, Peter oversees the IT structure of the region while working alongside the global IT team. Because these systems are crucial to TWR's ministry, Peter is helping to give millions around the world the opportunity to hear the Word of God.

Want to see how your gifts can be used to reach the world? Explore our Serve page for opportunities!
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