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TWR360 Web Platform Is Touching Hard-to-Reach Countries

By Rosie McMahan
Africa, Asia, Europe, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Turkey, S Asia, SE Asia, W&C Africa, TWR360
Among the top 10 countries accessing TWR’s online content platform in 2021, five are ranked on Open Doors’ World Watch List of countries where it is most difficult to follow Jesus.

In a blog post released in June 2021, TWR’s Global Digital Marketing and Operations Manager David Creech shared a report on TWR360’s top 10 highest-engaging countries. That list included five countries on the 2021 World Watch List: Indonesia, Bangladesh, Turkey, India and Nigeria.
“Most of the users on TWR360 are from outside the United States,” Creech says. “This international strength of TWR360 coincides with the main strength of TWR itself, which is that TWR was birthed out of broadcasting in other countries. It started in Morocco and Spain, and it has its origin in countries outside the United States. So TWR itself, in its foundation, is an international organization, and TWR360 is also that way.”
The prevalence of primarily non-Christian countries on the top 10 list fulfills a major goal for TWR360 of establishing itself as a robust, international platform. A primary goal involves meeting the global need for Bible-based content while staying true to the original purpose of TWR: to make disciples of all people by making available mass media.

David DeCook, executive director of Bangla Ministries Worldwide, which partners with TWR360 to share a Bible-reading program with people in Bangladesh, says, “TWR has a beautiful and reliable podcast platform making our Bible-reading program available to all those with internet. In addition, TWR hosts our video How to Know God, which is often the most popular video in the whole TWR system. All of this is present in a Muslim style and vocabulary so that there are fewer barriers to understanding the truth about the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Through TWR360, Bangla Ministries added over 1,000 students to their outreach during the time of COVID-19.

TWR360 has been operating since 2013 as the internet media distribution arm of TWR. Available via mobile app or website, the portal offers Bible-based media in the form of audio, text and video. While it debuted in five languages, that number has been climbing ever since, and programs are now available in 100 languages and are accessed from 220 countries and territories. The vast number of languages available on TWR360 sets it apart from other Christian media platforms.

The platform has seen major enhancements recently that have allowed for these encouraging engagement reports, one of which has involved extensive upgrading of the My360 function available on the site. When users log on to their My360 accounts, they can save, download and have their favorite programs delivered directly to their email inboxes. A My360 account also allows the user to interact with the Prayer Wall, a new feature that enables individuals to submit prayer requests and check out what others have posted.

TWR360 has undergone meteoric growth in a plethora of countries since its birth and continues expanding the amount of content available in less-supported languages. Recent trends in engagement in India show just how effective adding more content can be, as significant advancement in the subcontinent can be attributed to the addition of programs in the Telegu, Tamil and Hindi languages.
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