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Ukraine Update: Supernatural Protection

By TWR Staff
CE Europe, Europe, Global, Russia, Ukraine, turmoil
04 August 2022

TWR Ukraine Director, Alexander Chmut, discusses the role of the Church to serve the wounded and needy during wartime on TWR Ukraine's social media. [image courtesy of TWR Ukraine]TWR Ukraine Director, Alexander Chmut, discusses the role of the Church to serve the wounded and needy during wartime on TWR Ukraine's social media. [image courtesy of TWR Ukraine]

Even as the first shipment of grain from Ukraine since the war began makes its way toward Lebanon, hostilities and destruction continue.

Estimates vary widely, but the most conservative counts place the death toll of soldiers and civilians since the outbreak of war on Feb. 24 at well over 10,000. Yet there is evidence that God is protecting his people.

“I have been in contact with soldiers on the front line for a long time now,” reports Alexander Chmut, director of TWR Ukraine. “They are watching our videos and they say it encourages them. I always pray for them, and I see that God answers the prayers. They are still alive and moreover, God keeps their units safe through them.”

As an example, Alexander cites a pastor who is serving in the war. The pastor reported that he had been in a church where its pastor read from Psalm 91, which speaks powerfully of God’s protection. The pastor shared that truth with the men in his barracks, and they concluded that nothing would happen to them.

That night, a rocket attack hit the barracks, but all in the unit were safe. Another time they were attacked by artillery from helicopters during a skirmish, but they all came back alive.

A deacon asked TWR Ukraine for prayer as his unit went on a three-day mission. He reported later that there had been fighting all three days, but his unit was intact.

God also has protected Alexander and his team throughout the conflict, although they are often in danger. They produce programs geared toward the current situation.

“We continue to be watched and listened to in the trenches and hospitals, in occupation and liberated territories, in Ukraine and abroad, by believers and nonbelievers, by old people and children,” Alexander wrote.

A video TWR Ukraine released in July has had more than 600,000 views on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, he reported. They receive thousands of comments on videos and social media posts.

One comment came from a listener in Ukraine’s Rivne region, which borders Belarus: “I thank God immensely that I can receive spiritual reinforcement from your broadcasts. In the house, in the street, in the garden, you are all with me, because the receiver is nearby.”

TWR Ukraine has an entirely new audience, Alexander writes. This requires wisdom but also increases the opportunity to present the gospel to those who may never have heard it.

“Today the mission of the church, as well as Trans World Radio Ukraine, is to bring the word of God to people who have always looked into the eyes of death, and yet in these terrible times they find Jesus Christ and find salvation,” Alexander concludes.

Prayer Points
  • Those serving their countries in the war include pastors and deacons, church members and nonbelievers. Please pray for their protection, and for the end of the war to come soon.
  • Grain from Ukraine is a vital source of food for malnourished peoples. Please pray for increased shipping and safe passage.
  • Please lift up Alexander and the team at TWR Ukraine, that they might have wisdom in presenting the good news of Christ during a difficult time.
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