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Ukraine Update: TWR’s Growing Voice

By TWR Staff
CE Europe, Europe, Global, Russia, Ukraine, turmoil

UPDATE: APRIL 20, 2022

Thanks to carefully-laid contingency plans and changes to new and existing broadcasts, the gospel continues to be available for people (such as these refugees on the Polish border) in Ukraine and Russia. [image courtesy of

We’re grateful to announce that the voice of TWR is becoming more readily available in Ukraine and Russia, and on more platforms.

When TWR lost a significant middle-wave, or AM, frequency into the region because of war-related reasons a couple of weeks ago, contingency plans that already were in place kicked into high gear.

Another AM frequency, 1035, wasn’t affected. This week, TWR added a second AM frequency, 1377, to the region, and a shortwave frequency, 15200, broadcasting out of Guam. These air in the Ukrainian language, except that 1035 has some programming in the Russian language. See the accompanying chart for more details.

To be clear, you won’t get these stations at these frequencies in the Americas. They reach their intended audiences in Eastern Europe, although the shortwave frequency has a broader range. But anyone with internet access can listen to the 24/7 livestream Voice of Ukraine Hope Radio, which TWR recently introduced. It provides uplifting music in Ukrainian and English interspersed with Scripture and other encouraging words in Ukrainian.

For media outlets, TWR has set up a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site to make Ukrainian content available for local stations. Interested media owners and managers should contact Ted Siemens here:

Meanwhile, Alex, the director of our partner ministry TWR Ukraine, and his team continue to work under adverse circumstances to provide fresh, relevant, gospel-centered programming to their war-torn country.

“The team in Ukraine is working out of mobile studios and not soundproofed rooms and yet they’re able to daily produce relevant, Bible-centered programming,” said Jon Fugler, chief content officer for TWR. “To me, that’s miraculous. … We need to be praying for them, because in the long term that gets harder and harder.”

Will you pray with us?
  • Please ask God with us that his Word will be heard in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.
  • We are praising God that all the members of TWR Ukraine are alive and able to continue their work to some extent. But the war and the disturbing developments that come with it take a physical and emotional toll. Please intercede for them with us.
  • Please continue to lift up Alex and his family, who recently returned to the Kyiv area.

*We are withholding Alex’s surname for security reasons.

For past updates and coverage of the situation in Ukraine,
visit our newsroom.

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