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Ukraine Update: ‘In the Lions’ Den’

By TWR Staff
CE Europe, Europe, Global, Russia, Ukraine, turmoil

UPDATE: March 16, 2022

TWR’s partners in Ukraine have been swept up in war for three weeks.

It has been a period of unspeakable horrors, and they’ve been dispersed throughout the country. But they know they do not stand alone.

You are standing with them in prayer. The staff of TWR Europe are staying in contact with them, providing whatever assistance they can, helping to care for the few who have crossed out of Ukraine.

One of the team members alluded to a biblical account (Daniel 6) when thanking TWR’s director for Ukraine, Russia and Belarus for keeping in touch, writing:

We are in the lions’ den, but your regular communication with us is as if you come to the edge of the lions’ den and show care for our situation.

As of today, March 16, the 21st day of the conflict, all of the members of TWR Ukraine’s team  are alive, but all are in the lions’ den.

  • The town where one team member lived has been destroyed. He was able to get away safely but lost all of his belongings, including his laptop. TWR is working to provide the support he needs.
  • Our TWR Ukraine director was able to pay a visit to his house in the Kyiv area. A journey that would normally take a few hours took nine because of the many security checkpoints. But he safely made it there and back to his family farther west in the country.
  • The TWR Ukraine family that made it out of the country can proceed to a more permanent destination in Central Europe because their car has been repaired. The repairman, a Christian who listens to a TWR station, did the work for free.

This amazing team is continuing to record and produce biblical programming for the people of their country. It’s a day-to-day endeavor as their lives are in danger and the infrastructure of their country is deteriorating.

Meanwhile, the rest of our content team is working vigorously to prepare fresh, meaningful programming for the region, reports Jon Fugler, chief content officer for TWR. He adds:

We are beginning the process of writing and producing content in a variety of lengths for a number of platforms. Our biggest need is for Ukrainian translators, writers and speakers. We have a handful of people identified and have leads on others around the world.

I am grateful that God has given us the facilities to broadcast content into Ukraine and Russia from the outside. This is becoming the only way people are being reached with the gospel truth. (The) internet is being cut off in both countries, which has made that option increasingly difficult.

Thank you for praying and for giving to support our friends in Ukraine as well as in Russia and Belarus. You can give to our crisis fund here.

Will you pray with us?
  • Please continue to pray for TWR Ukraine personnel, asking for protection and wisdom through this dangerous and stressful situation.
  • Please continue to pray for TWR’s leadership as they find ways to continue tangible areas of support for TWR’s content in Belarus and Russia.
  • Praise God with us for the generous support so many people and organizations have offered to the TWR Ukraine-Russia Crisis Fund.

Here’s a final thought shared a few days ago by TWR Ukraine’s director:

In the present world, life has changed. The world is not going to be the same, and we don’t know what to expect. But I know that God has already planned the end of the world and human history. But he has promised us that everything will be for our good.

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