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Ukraine Update: ‘God’s Special Protection’

By TWR Staff
CE Europe, Europe, Global, Russia, Ukraine, turmoil

UPDATE: MAY 26, 2022

Broadcasts, shown in the first three listings below, can be tuned in by listeners in Ukraine. Content is also available 24/7 via the special livestream linked below.

 Medium/Frequency  UTC  Length  Language
Shortwave 15200  16:00  60 minutes Ukrainian
Shortwave 13660 17:00 60 minutes Russian - starting May 30th
MW/AM 1377 kHz  18:47 60 minutes Ukrainian
MW/AM 1035 kHz  19:00 60 minutes Ukrainian/Russian
MW/AM 621 kHz 17:30 60 minutes Russian - starting May 30th
Ukrainian Online Livestream  24/7 24 hours daily Ukrainian
FTP server for access by media outlets  24/7 various Ukrainian content available for local stations; contact Ted Siemens ( if interested

A Ukrainian family has an emotional reunion when a refugee disembarks from a bus fleeing Ukraine at the border crossing near the Polish town of Chelms. [image courtesy of] 

Seven civilians were killed in shelling of the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Thursday, May 26, the BBC reported, and an official said fighting in the eastern Donbas region has reached “maximum intensity.”

Our partners at TWR Ukraine are witnesses to the devastation of war. 

“Just despair at the endless destruction, death and grief,” wrote Vyacheslav, who was based in Kharkiv with TWR Ukraine. He and his family are in Germany now but maintain close contact with Kharkiv. He wrote earlier this week that Kharkiv was being shelled again after a week of blessed silence.

Although the bulk of the fighting is in the east, the situation across Ukraine remains very dangerous. Yet TWR Ukraine continues to produce quality programming that speaks to the needs and fears of the Ukrainian people.

One of our partners there is Natalya, author of a program whose English-language name is Kaleidoscope. She wrote that April was a turning point for her, as God enabled her to add a program called Under the Wings of the Almighty.

“In this program we talk about God's special protection, miracle and grace in the lives of people during this difficult time of war in Ukraine,” Natalya wrote. “It is how God works in people's lives that inspires me to make radio programs and talk about God's mercy.”

Thank you for your continued prayers for our brothers and sisters within the TWR family in these trying times.

Will you pray with us? 
  • Please continue to ask God to protect the TWR team in Ukraine.
  • Please pray for TWR’s contact in Belarus as the team there is distributing radios.
  • Praise God with us that two hours of Russian-language programming will be added beginning Monday, May 30. One hour will be on a medium-wave (AM) station and the other will be broadcast from the island of Guam on shortwave.  
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