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Ukraine Update: ‘No fear in my heart’

By TWR Staff
CE Europe, Europe, Global, Russia, Ukraine, turmoil
11 October 2022

TWR Ukraine Director Alexander Chmut addressed fears and questions on a video posted on the ministry's Facebook page following recent attacks on Kyiv. [Image courtesy of TWR Ukraine]

TWR Ukraine Director, Alexander Chmut, addressed fears and questions in a video posted on the ministry's Facebook page following recent attacks on Kyiv. [Image courtesy of TWR Ukraine]

Alexander Chmut and other members of the TWR Ukraine team report an extraordinary sense of peace when Russian missile attacks hit the capital city of Kyiv on Monday, Oct. 10.

“We have death again. We have mountains of destruction,” Chmut said solemnly in a video posted on TWR Ukraine’s Facebook page. “But I suddenly caught myself thinking that there is no fear in my heart.” 

The BBC reported that at least 19 people were killed and scores more injured in a series of Russian missile attacks across Ukraine. Kyiv, where Chmut and his team live and work, was hit for the first time since June.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the attacks, which continued into Tuesday, were in retaliation for an explosion that damaged a bridge between Russia and Russian-occupied Crimea. The BBC reported that Putin blamed the explosion on Ukraine.

TWR’s contact with the Ukraine team reported that they were sad and angry over the attacks, which occurred during rush hour. But they were not deterred. “They are alive and active for service.”

Wearing a blue hoodie and sitting on a white couch for the video, Chmut quoted John 16:33: “In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart. I have overcome the world.”

“Yes, Christ said what it means to be brave,” Chmut said. “It means that there will be no fear in the heart. There will be sweet peace regardless of the circumstances.”

At last count, Chmut’s post had drawn more than 450 comments, with many reporting similar observations. “Me too,” one individual wrote. “When I heard explosions I had no fear, but peace and tranquility. And this is not from me, it's God filling us.”

“I also caught myself thinking today that there is no fear in the heart!” a woman added. “Thank God for everything.”

Prayer Points:
  • While we grieve the loss of life, injuries and destruction in Ukraine, we praise God for protecting our TWR Ukraine team and allowing them to continue their work.
  • Please continue to lift up Alexander Chmut and his youthful team as their lives are daily shadowed by the trauma of war.
  • Please remember to pray as well for TWR’s contacts in Russia and Belarus as they face increasingly difficult challenges.
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