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Ukraine Update: God Is at Work

By TWR Staff
CE Europe, Europe, Global, Russia, Ukraine, turmoil

UPDATE: APRIL 27, 2022

As the war continues in Ukraine, listeners and audience members continue to have access to the gospel through TWR channels. [image courtesy of

The war between Russia and Ukraine seems unrelenting, but people in both countries still are hearing and responding to the Word of God.

The TWR Ukraine staff are continuing their work, and some are able to use the studio in Kyiv, reports Frank Stephenson, TWR Europe communications director. Alex, the director in Ukraine, and his family are living in that area again.

Rostislav,* the deputy director, spends most of his time outside of the city, but he is able to get to the studio for meetings.

Programs still are being heard in the region on traditional radio and also on internet radio via the newly established livestream.

Listeners are responding. Here’s an example from TWR Ukraine:

One Ukrainian woman wrote on Instagram to tell about miraculous incidents she had witnessed that revealed God’s power both to protect and transform lives. Not long after the war broke out in February, refugees fleeing the devastating attacks on Kharkiv arrived at the woman’s church, and her family invited them to dinner. Kharkiv is the country’s second-largest city and has been under repeated bombardment since day one – even during the past week.

The refugees knew virtually nothing about God, and one man seemed unable to sit still as he continually checked his cellphone. Eventually, they learned why: His parents had stayed behind in Kharkiv.

The father of the host family presented an introduction to the faith, sharing about God and his power to save us from sin. Others offered testimonies. Then they prayed and asked the Lord to bless the beleaguered visitors, who left the next day.

A few days later, the man who was so worried about his family called the woman’s father and exclaimed, “I believe in God! Today I asked my friend to take my parents away from Kharkiv, and as soon as they left, my parents' house was completely destroyed. I know that it is surely God to whom you prayed!"

The woman concluded her story on Instagram with a perfectly suited Bible verse from Psalms: “I sought the Lord and He answered me, and rescued me from all my fears.”

“When we sincerely ask the Lord for help,” she observed, “he never leaves us. Praise be to God for his wonders.”

Will you pray with us?
  • Praise God that all the members of the TWR Ukraine team are safe and able to continue presenting the life-giving message of Jesus to listeners.
  • Praise God that new living quarters have been found by team member Vyacheslav in Germany. He has started a language course and has permission to work in Germany.
  • Please pray for Anna, Women of Hope coordinator for TWR Ukraine. She is able to continue ministry work in Germany, where she is caring for her young daughter. But she is burdened because many family members are still in Ukraine.
  • A TWR Ukraine technician and his family are in western Ukraine, where he is able to supply programs to upload to TWR. However, they are living in challenging circumstances with heating and food shortages. Please lift them up.
  • Praise God that our contacts in Belarus and Russia still are able to produce and air their programs. Please pray for each of the directors as they engage in travels and meetings.

Thank you for your extra gifts to support our partners and contacts in this region as well as our broadcast services during this season of extraordinary circumstances and special needs. If you would like to help, you can add your gifts here.

* With their permission, we now are using the first names of most of the TWR Ukraine team members.

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