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Ukraine Update: As Missiles Fly, Believers Pray for Peace

By TWR Staff
CE Europe, Europe, Global, Russia, Ukraine

UPDATE: February 25, 2022:

Dear TWR friends and supporters,

When war erupted Thursday, our partner in Ukraine was cut off from its office and studio in Kyiv. The director and staff gathered safely outside the city and began planning to set up makeshift facilities in a house basement so they could continue producing gospel radio programs for listeners caught up in the hostilities. Before a day had passed, however, our colleagues were hearing small-arms fire nearby and considering whether they needed to relocate farther from the battlefront.

Our hearts are heavy with concern but also filled with hope as we monitor the lamentable fighting between Russia and Ukraine. TWR has strong ministries to both these nations, and we are striving to stay in touch with our contacts on the ground and to provide any help, encouragement or other support possible. 

As you know, the most important thing we can do for our brothers and sisters in these warring nations is to pray for them. So we would like to offer a few requests you can pray for the people, the situation and the gospel work in Ukraine and Russia. Before we do that, however, we invite you to watch a brief video message from TWR Europe Vice President Branko Bjelajac and TWR International President Lauren Libby.

(filmed 02/24/2022)

More news from the front lines

Despite the inescapable antagonism between the two nations, a beautiful demonstration of grace and love has emerged from our ministry partners there. The leader* of our contact ministry in Russia reached out to his counterpart in Ukraine, expressing his sorrow for the distressing events, indicating that the Russian team will be praying with the Ukrainian team for peace, and offering his assistance in any way possible.

“I also participated in a call with Ukrainians, Europeans, Americans and Russians,” the Russian team leader said. “… I issued along with my fellow leader a call to evangelical churches in Russia to pray for peace and take active humanitarian efforts to help the wounded.”

Speaking from his home near the fighting in Ukraine, TWR’s ministry director* there reflected on the current circumstances.

“Suddenly, our hearts were confronted with worrying news,” he said in a translation. “What happened to us? What will our future be? We need to remember that our hearts are in his hands. His desire is that we should seek him in all our ways. We need to put all our trust only upon him.

“This is the chance for Ukraine to become closer to God in these difficult hours,” the Ukrainian director said. 

Please join us in prayer

  • Please pray for a peaceful and rapid resolution to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
  • Pray that even in this season of human conflict, God may be glorified as people throughout the region hear the good news of Jesus Christ and turn to him as their only hope of salvation and peace. Give praise to him that the means to share the gospel are still available through radio.
  • Ask for protection and guidance for TWR’s team in Ukraine as they’ve taken refuge in the basement of a house near the war zone. Pray that they would remain safe and that they would have adequate supplies for the duration of their stay. Pray for wisdom as they consider the possibility and timing of an evacuation.
  • Unite in prayer with believers and churches in Ukraine, that they would stand strong in this time of testing, and with believers and churches in Russia, as they unite with their brothers and sisters in Ukraine in prayer.
  • Lift up those fleeing Ukraine to neighboring countries as they provide places of refuge. Intercede for married couples who are conflicted and uncertain because one is of Russian descent and the other Ukrainian.

 * The names of TWR’s associates in the region are withheld for security reasons.

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