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Embark Short-term Service

Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I serve?
TWR has various locations around the globe that may benefit from your skills. After you have completed the application, we’ll send you information on which locations might be an option or those in which you’re specifically interested.
What does the application process look like?
You will first need to complete an application, write out your Christian testimony, agree to our Statement of Faith and Community Conduct Policy, give us a few references, and have an interview with a potential supervisor.
If your application materials are approved, you’ll be invited to join us in Cary, NC for a few days of orientation to learn about the ministry, get some valuable training, and prepare to raise support.
Can I stay longer than 12 months?
Of course! Depending on the nature of your interest, your status as short-term could change. Our team in Cary, NC will be in regular contact with you during your time with us and we’ll discuss all options prior to your service end date.
Can I get college credit for this like an internship?
No. Only internships qualify for college credit.
Will I have to learn a different language?
Not specifically — all our teams work in English. However, if you’re going somewhere and another language is spoken, it will benefit your relationships with locals to be practicing before you go!
Are there any fees associated with the program?
Yes. There is a $150 administration fee and 5% of all donations go to support TWR’s recruiting and member care efforts.
Is there a dress code?
Yes, though it can vary depending on your role and where you are serving.
In the offices, the dress code is business casual (for example: collared shirts, dark tailored jeans, slacks, dress or dark casual shoes are appropriate, while we discourage things such as shorts and athletic wear). At the transmitter sites, however, it's more relaxed.
Can I have tattoos or body piercings?
We mostly ask that all TWR family members be conservatively and professionally dressed and groomed when in the office or representing TWR. Small to medium-sized earrings and/or nose piercings are allowed but other visible piercings must be removed (for example, tongue, eye-brow, etc.) and we encourage large tattoos to be covered. Please no unnatural hair colors, but colored highlights are fine.
Do I get any vacation time?
Yes. You will get one day of time off per month served with your supervisor’s pre-approval.
Will I get health or life insurace?
No. As an intern, you are not classified as an employee, so you would not qualify for such benefits. But, we can provide suggestions of where to get insurance if you need them.
Do I need to raise funds to cover my expenses?
Yes. After your application is approved and you have been trained in support raising, you may raise funds from churches, friends, and family to cover your stateside expenses and a per diem (lodging, meals and incidentals), while you are overseas.
When can I start raising support?
Once your application is approved, you’ve been appointed as a TWR short-term missionary, and you’ve received all necessary training, you’ll be ready to begin raising support!
What if I don't raise enough financial support?
If you do not raise enough funds for your entire stay, we have a few options: you may be able to reduce your amount of time of service, find discounted travel for your return, or change your housing arrangements to reduce costs. 
What about airfare?
Your airfare will be covered by the support you raise. We will help you book your flights through a travel agent with whom we work closely.
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