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Our Projects

TWR Bolivia has produced a new radio program for children who speak the indigenous Quechua language. Each episode tells them...
Americas, Americas - South, Bolivia
Reaching children and youth with the Gospel is one of the five main initiatives of Trans World Radio’s Global Strategic Plan.
Americas, S America
TWR operates eight FM stations in Bolivia and distributes programming over 120 stations throughout the country. In addition to...
Americas, Bolivia, radio
“Every night I listen to your TWR program Messages of Faith and Hope. I pray a lot for the ministry that God has placed on this...
Americas, Americas - Caribbean, Bonaire, MIF
You can help reach families living in areas of deep poverty across Haiti, without reliable electricity, where many people can’t...
Americas, Americas - Caribbean, Haiti, radio
Jesus said gospel seed doesn't grow well in thorny ground. Ever since the 1959 revolution, every student in Cuba has been...
Americas, S America
The inhabitants of Puerto Fronciere, Paraguay, live in a vulnerable socioeconomic situation and lack spiritual leaders. They...
Americas, RFTW
TWR has a major hub of Spanish program production in Venezuela, but the economic collapse in recent years has made ministry...
Americas, Featured, MIF
For half a century, TWR has been a voice of hope throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Hundreds of FM stations carry more...
Americas, Americas - South
The Wayana and Trio are two tribes in Suriname that were led to the Lord by missionaries Ivan and Doris Schoen beginning in the...
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