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North Africa

Undeterred by strict religious policies and intense pressure from family and community, individuals across North Africa are embracing the gospel at an incredible rate. TWR seeks to strengthen these budding believers in their faith and discover the Lord's plan for their part in the Great Commission.  

Ministry Highlights

The Way of Righteousness from Monte Carlo

Our team translates, produces and broadcasts The Way of Righteousness, a series which presents the stories and message of the biblical prophets, in the Kabyle language from a site in Monte Carlo. This popular program continues to pour gospel truths into the hearts of its eager listeners, and translation and production work is ongoing!

RadioKabyle Website

Combined with social media efforts for our Thru the Bible and Women of Hope programs in the Kabyle language, our RadioKabyle website is giving our team increased opportunities to hear the concerns and needs of this precious listening audience. The relationships we build with the Kabyle-speaking people are particularly treasured in times of lockdowns and travel restrictions where they provide a lifeline for some women and families.

The Kurdish Kurmanji people in Turkey

Partnering with Shema Media Group in Turkey, our work to reach the Kurdish Kurmanji people sees daily broadcasts on FM radio in their heart language. Broadcasts began anew in June 2020 and continue to bless this beautiful people.

Names of Jesus in Algeria

Names of Jesus is a locally designed pilot program written and produced by a theologian, scriptwriter and production team in Algeria. This fifty-episode program hopes to broadcast from Monte Carlo and minister to the Kabyle community.

Thru the Bible in Kabyle
Operating in a reoccurring five-year cycle of production and broadcast, this popular program series is always a blessing to its audiences. Not only is it being broadcast over the airwaves, but it is poised to be distributed on other platforms. Thru the Bible is beloved for its significant contribution to the growth of believers in North Africa, and we look forward to how the Lord will use this program in the future. 

Featured Projects in North Africa

Updates from North Africa

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