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Spreading Hope Amid a Pandemic: Alyx Vissing, Social Media and Communications Intern

By Leanne Tan
Americas, TWR Women of Hope
Since the beginning, TWR has been all about overcoming barriers. If you have spoken with Alyx Vissing, you may have found that her journey to TWR closely resembles TWR’s story. In other words, it has been nothing short of bumpy. But nothing (not even the pandemic!) has stopped the 21-year-old Ironton, Ohio native from making her way to the Cary, North Carolina, office for a summer internship.

A rising senior at Cedarville University, Alyx majors in broadcasting and digital media with a concentration in radio with minors in women’s ministry and biblical care and counseling. She is also pursuing a master’s degree in biblical counseling. Having found a passion for women’s ministry, Alyx is serving with TWR Women of Hope this summer as a social media and communications intern.

Q: How did you hear about TWR?
In my intro to broadcasting course, Cedarville alum Kelly Gilbert, who is also one of my professors’ daughters, came to speak one day and shared a bit about her testimony and how she came to work at TWR. I was very intrigued and felt compelled to apply, so I did.  

Q: What brought you to intern with TWR this summer?
After I initially applied to TWR my sophomore year of college, my application was accepted, but after many months they were unable to place me and asked me to update my resume the following summer. Over that year I felt called to women’s ministry and found a passion I never expected in my minor courses. When I updated my resume last fall, I expressed an interest in working with TWRWOH. Within a few days I had an interview with TWRWOH Global Ministry Director Peggy Banks and Mobilization and Internship Director Alan Lawton, and it was a perfect fit.

Q: What will you be working on over the summer?
I am working with Peggy and TWRWOH on several things such as content development for web, social media, audio programming as well as some production on a few new projects we are developing to train leaders and minister to women in need of counseling.

Q: How does your internship align with your passions and calling?
I never expected to find an internship that integrated my passions so well, especially not as an undergrad. The work I am doing with TWRWOH is an incredible balance of each area of ministry that God has laid on my heart. Pursuing full-time ministry to women, integrating biblical counseling principles and all through the dynamic medium of radio, not to mention on a global scale, is quite literally my dream job.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you’ve encountered in your internship and how have you overcome it?
Getting here. I honestly think that just getting to TWR was the hardest part of this journey and that the enemy twisted every roadblock in my way to discourage me, but each one was part of God’s plan. From having to wait a year-and-a-half after my initial application, to struggling through fundraising, all up until a car accident 48 hours before I came to Cary, God’s hand has been in each step and has provided. It has been a huge testing of my patience and trust in the Lord and I have grown so much through it. When new roadblocks or discouragements arise, I can’t bring myself to worry and I honestly can’t help but laugh. Even in the moments where things seemed to be falling apart, God showed up in such incredible ways to put me right where he wanted me, exactly when he wanted me there, and that’s here!

Q: What are you looking forward to doing over the summer?
I am looking forward to growing and stretching my skills as well as my spiritual and professional development. A big thing for me is the opportunity to gain a better perspective of what women around the world are experiencing in their cultures and how I can better support and specifically pray for them. I have the unique opportunity here at TWR to see so much more closely what these women go through and how to reach them with the gospel message, even from here in the United States.

Q: Tell us a little-known or fun fact about yourself!
I cannot get brain freezes! I don’t know the science of brain freezes or if that is technically possible, but I’ve literally never had one and have no idea what it feels like.    
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