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Summer of Impact 2022: Daniel, Data Management Intern

By Malise Terrell
Americas, Global, Information Technology, Internship (2-3 mo.), N America, USA

Daniel Crompton is spending his summer giving his gifts to the gospel as a Data Management intern for TWR. [image courtesy of Daniel Crompton]

For Daniel Crompton, from Raleigh, North Carolina, the mission field is familiar. The Crompton family served as missionaries for a short term in Ireland when he was 6. There, he learned that no matter where you go God will always be there with you to take care of you.

Now the Lord has called Daniel to serve with TWR this summer. He is working as a data management intern at TWR’s international offices in Cary, North Carolina.

Daniel is the oldest of Dan and Beth Crompton’s three children. He is a student at Liberty University, where his brother will join him for studies in the fall. He expects to graduate from Liberty in 2024 with a degree in data analytics. He loves tennis, pickleball and hiking.

Q: How did you hear about TWR?

I heard about TWR through my school, and a family friend works at TWR as well.

Q: What caused you to get involved in the internship program with TWR?

I wanted to gain experience in the field of data analytics but also be able to make a difference for God in my work.

Q: What do you feel your calling is, and how does this summer fit into that?

I want to serve God in whatever way that I can and to follow his leading for my life. TWR fits into that as I get to gain experience in my degree field but also directly help the spread of the gospel.

Q: What were you most looking forward to during your internship?

I was most looking forward to meeting like-minded people and to learn from them.

Q: What was your biggest goal for this summer?

To serve God and to learn as much as I can.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about being here so far?

The people are very friendly and enjoyable to be around.

Q: What are your post-college plans?

I don’t exactly know yet, maybe a job in data analytics, but wherever God leads me.

Q: Fun fact: What’s your favorite food?

Philly cheesesteak.

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