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Stephen and Lorraine Stavropoulos

Steve joined TWR Swaziland in May 1977 as an electrical engineer. In 1978 he met Lorraine. They returned together to Swaziland immediately after...
Administrative, Engineering, Africa, Africa - South & East
Stephen and Lorraine Stavropoulos
Steve joined TWR Swaziland in  May 1977 as an electrical engineer.  In 1978 he met Lorraine.  They returned together to Swaziland immediately after being married in January 1979.  Steve worked shifts for a number of years, became operations manager and then became the chief engineer for 18 years before moving to West Africa in May 2014 to serve as TWR engineer for that region. From April 2017, they relocated to the TWR Africa Regional Office, South Africa, to be their base for future projects in West Africa.

At the end of September 2018, they are moving back to Swaziland where Steve will take up the position of Station Director from 1st November 2018. Lorraine will continue as the Dx secretary for Africa as well as audition programs before they air. TWR asked them to return for two years. After prayer, they believe this to be God's plan for them at this time.

Besides raising their three children, Lorraine has been involved as a mission hostess and auditioning of programs. At the ARO office she is editing as well as auditioning programs. For many years she has been the DX secretary for Swaziland and now for Africa.

They have three children: Esther, Duane and John
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