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Called to Serve: Jeremy Weaver, Telecommunications Engineer

By TWR Staff
Asia, Engineering, Guam
“There are many ways that you can serve our Lord in the TWR family. I invite you to explore this website to discover how God can employ your unique gifts and talents to bring the transforming message of Jesus Christ to the ends of the world.” — Lauren Libby, TWR President

At TWR, we stand by the conviction that missions is not limited. We believe that God's kingdom work is expansive — crossing continents, lives and careers. And God will use anyone with willing hands and an open heart to share the gospel — people like Jeremy. And if the Lord can use a telecommunications engineer to reach the world, how could he use you?

We sat down with Jeremy to talk about the journey that brought him into the TWR family and how the Lord is using his skills to help share the gospel. You can also view this interview on YouTube here.

So, Jeremy, tell us: What was your career prior to coming to TWR?
My current role is as a senior engineering manager. I’ve worked there for 17 years but soon I will be leaving Anchorage, Alaska, for Guam, where I will serve with Trans World Radio as a transmitter engineer.

How did you begin to sense God was calling you to missions?
What happened is: just over the past few years, my wife and I have been developing and growing our trust in Jesus. And my feeling that, you know, I am the only one that is going to be able to take care of our family and take care of our future and that it all rests in job security. When that feeling started to dissipate as our trust grew in Christ, it was replaced with a desire to be on mission. And so I did some searching and found that TWR has opportunities for people with my background. And I applied and we were appointed as missionaries to Guam.

What was your transition journey like?
The transition, and this transition right now where we are selling our house and preparing to go to the field in about a month, it hasn’t been without challenges. Some of these steps will be difficult, and you will wrestle with friends and family who don’t understand what you are doing and maybe think you are being reckless with your life. And also if you have kids — like we do — you have to be careful with their hearts and help them to understand what is happening and make sure they are healthy and that this will be a blessing for them as well.

How does your job at TWR compare with your past role?
There is a lot of crossover with my secular experience in what I will be doing in the field. I work with radios today. I will work with high-powered transmitters now when I get over to Guam. There will be tower work and antenna work, also maintenance of electronics and computer systems. So I am excited to go. It is going to be a lot different than the work — in some ways — than I am doing now in that I do a lot of behind-the-desk work now and there is going to be more hands-on work when I get to Guam, which, I’m excited about.

What would you say to someone who is exploring a transition from a secular job to a mission’s role?
What I would say to you is, if you are considering leaving your secular job and pursuing a career in missions, look around and see what is out there. There are lots of opportunities for almost any discipline, and, if you are considering joining TWR, know that they have a great support team and they genuinely care that you will be successful and healthy when you get to the field.

Jeremy, his wife, Tammy, and were appointed by TWR to Guam in 2019. The Weavers and their two children will be relocating from Anchorage, Alaska, where Jeremy currently works for a telecommunication provider. He will be providing maintenance, upgrades and repairs to broadcasting equipment on our Guam transmitter site, a critical part of our ministry to Asia. 

Want to see how your gifts can be used to reach the world? Explore our Serve page for opportunities!
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