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CAMENA Newsletter - March 2022

By TWR Staff
Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Tajikistan, C Asia, N Africa, CAMENA, Middle East

Online radio comes to the Persian World

The more than 100 million Farsi speakers worldwide now have a place to find hope online.

TWR launched Persian World Radio this year to bring the gospel to people groups in such places as Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan. Programs are provided for women, about discipleship and on how to live a balanced life as a Christian. Uplifting Christian music is also on the menu.

“There’s real adventure in it,” said Daniel*, TWR’s Farsi ministry director.

In Iran, Bibles in the Farsi language cannot be printed or distributed, and Farsi is not allowed to be spoken in Armenian churches.

“Officials are not necessarily happy when people receive information other than their approved content,” Daniel said. “But the people in this region have the right to receive information about the Christian faith.”

More information about Persian World Radio is available by writing

*Daniel is a pseudonym used to protect the work of TWR on behalf of the Farsi-speaking people.

Prayer Points:
  • Please intercede on behalf of Daniel and all of those involved in Farsi outreach for protection, perseverance and clear direction.
  • Ask our Heavenly Father to touch the hearts of the authorities and ruling powers of the Persian world that they might come to know the Lord Almighty and lead their people in ways that truly honor him.
  • Pray that this new radio online ministry might be used of God to fill the spiritual vacuum being experienced by millions of people in the Persian world.
Listener Stories:

Here is a response to Persian World Radio that came in:

“I try to follow your radio programs every night. We do not have access to the Bible in libraries and it is not possible to download it in internet searches. Due to your good radio programs, I feel that I have become someone else. One of the good features of your radio is the variety of programs and the good and attractive voice of the presenters, including you. God willing, I have one or two suggestions to promote your programs that I will send later.”


TWR, SAT-7 combine strengths to
reach Arab peoples

Two Christian media organizations can be better than one when it comes to bringing the gospel to people who have not heard.

Christian satellite network SAT-7 is making one of its audio channels available to TWR. This enables TWR to present its message of hope to a potential audience of 347 million Arabic speakers. A single SAT-7 satellite reaches North Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf region.  

Connection via satellite is especially meaningful in the more remote parts of the region, where internet and other infrastructure are minimal or unavailable. This means people outside TWR’s normal radio coverage will have the opportunity not only to listen to Christian audio content, but to do so 24-7.

A marketing strategy is being developed so that the potential audience can be made aware that this service is available. It debuted on Feb. 7.

The programs can also be heard online at TWR’s site here.

Prayer Points:
  • Join us in prayer that this new ministry opportunity will have an impact on people’s lives and result in lasting fruit for the kingdom of God.
  • Give thanks for this partnership between TWR and SAT-7, allowing the strengths of each to be combined to the glory of God.
  • Pray for those developing creative, Christ-centered content appropriate for the Arab-speaking world.
Listener Stories:

This testimony came from a Moroccan man, beginning when another man gave him a New Testament:

“I started reading through it enthusiastically on a daily basis. I’ve noticed how DIFFERENT it is. Although I was religious (before), I started to fall in love with the Bible! It felt strange. And one night while I was listening to the radio, I came to the TWR radio broadcast and heard that there is a website that I could connect to and learn more. When I found it, I clicked first on one of the programs there that said systematic biblical study, and it was called Treasures of Wisdom. Since I found it, I started listening to it daily. And the more I listened the more my heart rejoiced and felt peace. That’s why I decided to send to you and ask you if this all is real, and if it is, how can I become a Christian? Because it seems that God is the God of the Bible, and the God of the Bible is speaking to my soul and heart!”

Radio brings hope amid troubles in Kazakhstan

In the 30 years since gaining independence from the Soviet Union, the Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan had never experienced the degree of turmoil as it did during the first month of this year.

But even amid the duress and violence, Kazakhs could continue to rely on a source of hope and stability via medium-wave radio from TWR. Amid power shortages, internet shutdowns and mobile phone service blockages, TWR continued to broadcast more than 21 hours of gospel-centered programming during the week.

After violent uprisings in which at least 225 people were killed, according to Human Rights Watch, Kazakhstan has returned to an uneasy stability.

But in uncertain times, Kazakh listeners know where they can find “hope that is an anchor of the soul” (Hebrews 6:19).

“Can I share these programs with others?” one listener wrote. “I have friends who live in the villages; I want them to know about Jesus, too.”

More information on TWR’s ministry in Central Asia can be found here.

Prayer Points:
  • Please ask God for stability in Kazakhstan, but also for an honest accounting regarding the events that occurred in January.
  • Lift up to our Lord the TWR staff and partners as they create, translate and produce programs during seasons of uncertainty.
  • Continue to pray on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Central Asia. They may face persecution for choosing to follow Christ. Stand with them and ask God to enable them to persevere.
Listener Stories:

A listener in Kazakhstan shared:

“I got a radio. Mom constantly listens to your radio receiver, but when she listened, I did not pay attention. But now I have a receiver, and I constantly listen. When I read the Bible and receive revelation, sometimes it is hard to understand for me, but these programs explain the verses very well. The announcer reads the verses, visualizes them, and thus I understand them better. It is as if I get into that time and see the experiences of Jesus. Thank God, I am very happy. Thank you.”

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