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Encouraging the Weary

Asia, Indonesia, SE Asia, TWR Women of Hope
INDONESIA – Liza has been a long-suffering Christian. Disabled from a young age, she loved reading the Bible and took part in church activities as much as she could.

Liza got married to her husband when she was in her 20s, and they worked hard to raise a family. Their financial situation went from "stretched" to "inadequate" when their second child was born with a disability. They planned for Liza to take care of the children while her husband went abroad to seek better job prospects -- but after he went abroad he never sent her any money, and he never came home. He had abandoned them. Liza was very sad and angry with her husband who left them, but she had to carry on for the sake of her two children.

Many years later, she heard the Word of God on the radio. It was the Javanese Women of Hope program, aired by TWR Indonesia. That day the presenter shared that anyone who knows Jesus is a precious person before the Lord. This sentence touched Liza's heart, and she realized that she is precious to God, even though her life has not been easy.

The program brought a sense of peace in her heart. Since then she has been encouraged to pray a lot, and to speak to Jesus whenever she needs Him. She gives thanks to God for the program that helped her realize she has Jesus who loves her faithfully. She also realized that the Holy Spirit always comforts her in bad situations.

While many bad things have occurred in her life, Liza feels closer to God because of her situation. She knows that God is always with her. She thanks God for gifting her with her talent as a tailor, so she is able to provide for her family.

She sent a text message to TWR Indonesia, saying, “The program that I listened to is good... it strengthens my faith. God has plan for my life and He knows every situation that I face. God always gives peace so that I can face my life. Thank Jesus for he has made me born again, and I will have eternal life with Him. Praise Jesus Christ.”
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