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Freed From Anger and Revenge

Asia, Philippines, SE Asia
PHILIPPINES – Jasmine,* a listener of our In Touch radio program broadcasts in the Ilocano language, contacted the TWR Philippines team by text message. She shared:

When she was in her teens, Jasmine got involved with an older man in spite of her parents’ objections. She was pregnant at the tender age of 15, and eventually became a single mother to her child.

Since then, Jasmine struggled with anger. She felt her dreams of a better life – completing her education and escaping poverty – were dashed by her relationship with this man. She was filled with deep hatred and a desire for revenge towards him.

Miserable and hopeless, Jasmine even contemplated suicide – but stopped for the sake of her young daughter.Even so, Jasmine harbored a deep resentment towards her child. The little girl was a bitter reminder of the man she despised, and Jasmine struggled to love her.

At times, it felt like her daughter was a burden and a curse, and Jasmine would withdraw from her. But over the course of many years, she began to feel love towards her daughter, who she describes as being sweet and kind.

Jasmine shares that her anger and desire for the revenge is now gone. She was grateful for the people who understood, encouraged, and advised her all these years. She also thanked the TWR Philippines team for the messages from God’s Word shared over the radio.

This is her prayer: “Lord, I thank you. You touched me and I felt it. Now I release everything and give it all to You. Cover me so that I won’t seek revenge again. Help me to love others the same way you loved me. Please do not leave me. Help me to follow you, my God.”

* not her real name
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