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I Believe God Answers Prayer

By TWR Staff
Asia, Cambodia, SE Asia, TWR Women of Hope

We received a call from Mrs B, one of our Women of Hope listeners in Cambodia. She shared her family problems with us.

Her sister had been deceived by a man she had met on social media. He claimed to be looking for a Khmer bride, and they began communicating with one another. After some time, the man informed her sister that he was sending her a package from overseas. In it, she was told, was a computer, money, and a phone for her.

Her sister was later contacted by another man calling from an unknown number. This man claimed that the items had arrived, but she needed to send him money so he could get the items from the airport. This happened many times, as the caller kept coming up with excuses for why he was unable to retrieve the items. Her sister kept sending money, and in the end she was cheated out of a total sum of almost US$1,000.

Her family was very sad, as the money came from out a loan that her mother had taken out from the bank. Mrs B and her mother are working hard to pay off the loan.

Mrs B also shared that she divorced her second husband because he cheated on her. They have a child together, and another child from her first marriage. Her first husband used to get drunk and be violent toward her, but as she prayed for him, he was changed by God. However, they broke up due to issues with his family.

She now has to take care of two children by herself. Every morning, she wakes up early to catch frogs at the rice field. Selling them can get her US$1.25 for that day.

“My life is very hard, but I believe in prayer and that God will provide for our needs. I believe this because God miraculously healed my child and mother of illness. Also, after I accepted Jesus, I was persecuted by my neighbor. I trusted God and prayed a lot, and now they do not persecute me any more.”

Mrs B now worships at a home church. A pastor from another village comes to help every Sunday. Besides being involved in church, Mrs B also listens to the Women of Hope program.

Women of Hope brings me joy and happiness. Sometimes the programs touch my my heart and bring me to tears. After my tears, I feel better. I thank God for this program.”

Listen to the Women of Hope program online at TWR360! Available in English, Khmer, and many other languages!

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