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No One Else

Asia, Bangladesh, persecution, S Asia

BANGLADESH — Here is a letter we received from a listener who faces persecution in Bangladesh.

"I have been tuning in to the Gospel of John with a Radio Home Group for four months. I cherish finding out about Jesus. Jesus says, 'I am the way, the truth and the life'. I additionally love the verse 'No one can come to the Father without me'.

"I understand that I am a sinner and that the wages of sin is death. However, Jesus gave his life for my sins, he was executed and restored on the third day.

"I pondered all of these things. No one else had given their lives for my sins; however Jesus gave his life for me. I began conversing with the staff. He clarified progressively about Jesus and salvation. After a long exchange, I put my faith in Jesus and acknowledged him as my Lord and Savior.

"After I accepted Jesus, I started to be a witness in my own town. Now and then, I will call the Radio Home staff, he comes to my town with the radio and we tune in to John's Gospel. Around 12 individuals in my town have communicated their enthusiasm for finding out about Jesus.

"However, other villagers threaten me a ton. Because of the pressure in my community, I now live in an area around 10 kilometres away. They were plotting against us. Please pray for me."

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