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Only Inside My Room

Asia, India, S Asia

INDIA – "I first heard about Jesus when I was 15 years old. I remember I had just been discharged from the hospital. During that time, I started believing in Jesus but I knew so little about God and there was no one around me to guide me in the faith. My family and friends were all from non-Christian backgrounds.

"Later in my college days, one of my friends shared with me the TWR Kannada radio programme, Daivanveshane (Thru the Bible). Listening to the programme in my own Kannada language got me interested about Jesus again, and I began reading the Bible. The programme gave me more insights and knowledge about God. This time I was able to share my faith with my mother.

"Today I am married and brave enough to share the gospel with my husband and his family. Although they permit me to be a Christian, I can only read the Bible and pray inside my room. I try to leave the radio on in the house so that they can also listen to your programme."

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