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Replacing Alcohol With Real Meaning in Life

By TWR Staff
Asia, India, S Asia
Milind* doesn’t shy away from the hard truth about his earlier days: Alcohol was the one thing that made his life both livable and miserable at the same time.

Drinking was a regular part of every week. But when the coronavirus struck his region of India, alcohol was mostly unavailable, and that led to depression.

“In this situation, I started to think that life is meaningless and a waste,” Milind said.

One day while sitting in the field that he farms, Milind was approached by the leader of a radio home group who played recordings about God’s Word. Thousands of these groups, which bring together friends and neighbors to hear and discuss audio recordings of Thru the Bible in the listeners’ native tongue, have been initiated by TWR’s national partner in this country.

Milind listened to TTB in the language of the Banjara, a people group more than 6 million strong that is considered unreached by the gospel. Radio home groups are a key part of TWR India’s ever-expanding ministry to unreached peoples like the Banjara.

“Earlier I felt that life was difficult to live as I was totally addicted to alcohol, but now the messages through the radio home [outreach] have turned me to the true living God,” Milind said. “Especially during this corona crisis, I am unable to go out. But in this situation, I have realized how much precious time I have lost with my family because of my drinking habits.”

As significant as this is, overcoming his alcohol problem hasn’t been the most significant transformation in Milind’s life. He and his family have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.
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