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Saved to Serve Others: SW broadcasts from Guam

Asia, Guam, short wave, Japan, NE Asia
This is the testimony of Pastor Haku*, a Japanese missionary to Mongolia.

"When I was a child, I started to listen to shortwave radio programs, including those broadcast by TWR (Trans World Radio) from Guam.

"I listened to the gospel message proclaimed over the broadcasts, and I believed it to be the truth. Through the radio programs, I gave my life to Christ.

"When I was a young believer, I was sent to the countryside in Japan. It was a remote place with very few people, and even fewer Christians. I did not have much material with which to study the Bible. So every day, I would listen to the Thru the Bible Japanese radio programs broadcast by TWR."

In the 90s, God opened a door for Pastor Haku to share the gospel with the Mongolian people as a missionary.

"One challenge of ministering in Mongolia is that it is a very big country, and it is very hard to reach every part of this country. I prayed, 'Lord, how can I reach the Mongols here?'

"Reflecting on my time in the Japanese countryside, I felt that radio might be the best way to reach every person in this country. A radio program could teach sound Christian doctrine, and be a good source of biblical teaching.

"I thought to myself, 'If there is a Thru the Bible radio program in the Mongolian language, it could be very useful in reaching this country.'

Pastor Haku visited the Thru the Bible website, but 'Mongolian' was not listed as one of the Northeast Asia languages. Encountering what seemed like a dead end, he went to the Lord in prayer.

"Five days after I went to the Thru the Bible website, I decided to check again. I accessed the exact same page, and I saw that one language had been added to it. There were now five languages under 'Northeast Asia languages': Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese ... and Mongolian!

"God had answered my prayer in only five days."

Pastor Haku believes radio ministry is one of the most important ministries in Mongolia.

"I really appreciate TWR for this wonderful work, because I became a Christian through TWR broadcasts. I also really appreciate the Thru the Bible radio programs, because they are a very big part of my Bible knowledge and my Christian life. We are praying for your work and ministry!"

*not his real name
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