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From Strife and Turmoil to Lasting Peace

By Birgit Billau
Asia, India, S Asia, Thru the Bible
Christian radio programs are broadcast by TWR in over 275 languages, including Chhattisgarhi, spoken in a state in central India with a population of over 32 million and known for its forests, temples and waterfalls. Listeners frequently phone or write TWR response teams to share their inspiring stories, such as this one from Ananya.* She phoned to tell how the Thru the Bible program, broadcast by TWR in her native language, impacted her life as well as that of her husband and entire family.

Peace was something that Ananya desperately longed for. Her husband had become addicted to alcohol, and there was much turmoil in her family.
“During that time, while I was longing for peace, I tuned into the radio and heard the Chhattisgarhi program, which said that the God of the Bible can give you peace and satisfaction in your life,” she says enthusiastically.

In her despair, hoping for peace and deliverance from all her many problems, she listened and chose to believe what was being said. She started praying to God as suggested in the radio program.
She recounts, “I continued to pray to God for my family and especially for my husband. I even visited some of the Christian families living near my house and shared with them what I had heard.”

These families encouraged Ananya and prayed for her. After fasting and praying, she began seeing positive results in her life and family. The fights with her husband subsided as his attitude toward her began to change and he stopped drinking alcohol.

Eventually, Ananya and then her entire family came to believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior. Being illiterate, she is very thankful that she can hear the Word of God daily through the radio and has even been able to learn to read a little bit from the Bible.
“I am very happy that this radio program has changed my life and my family’s life,” Ananya says thankfully. “Today we are believers and regular members of a church.”

* A pseudonym has been used to protect this listener's privacy.
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