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Those Words Gave Me Hope

Asia, India, S Asia

INDIA — "I am 17 years old. I live with my parents and three siblings. Before I knew Jesus, my life was in a mess and I had bad influences from the friends around me. To make matters worse, I kept failing my exams which made me feel very low."

"My father is the only believer in my family and he listens to the radio a lot. One day, his friend invited him to a meeting but he forced me to go instead because he had some urgent work to do. I went grudgingly.

"While I was there, I was given a small media player with a SD card. I brought it home and started to listen to it. I did not like anything at first so I scrolled to listen to the songs. Then I heard those words that gave me hope: “I will take away your worries”. From then on, I listened to many of the messages my father had, and came to understand the scriptures better.

"My life underwent many changes as we started inviting our neighbours and family to listen with us. Through an invitation, I attended a training course for nine months and came home for baptism. Now, we have a prayer meeting at my house every Sunday and a few people have also believe in God through this meeting. My family experiences joy and I am serving happily."

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