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Treasured in My Heart

Asia, China, NE Asia, social
CHINA — Here is a message we received from a listener of the Mandarin program, Hope for Today:

"Dear teacher ...

"Whenever I hear your message and read your posts on
WeChat, I feel deeply touched. I have listened to your program for 21 months now ... and although I cannot remember every word, I remember God's help and encouragement for me through your SMS messages, letters, and posts on WeChat. I have treasured the prayers you shared in my heart.

"I am unable to express my thankfulness with words. While I don't understand the struggles that pastors like yourself have gone through, I can see all you have done for me. I do not know what you have given up for serving the Lord, but for all that you have done for us — even when we are not able to show our appreciation -- I know God will remember your good work!"
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