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True Repentance

Asia, radio, SE Asia, Vietnam

VIETNAM — "A long time ago when I was young, I was very rich and popular in my area. My wealthy and satisfied lifestyle led me to many vices. I was recklessly extravagant. I slept with many women even when I was married, and I gambled a lot. I was so indulgent until all my possessions were gone. I had to sell everything I had including my house, car, land and farm that I ended in poverty.

"To make things worse, my wife and children abandoned me. My relatives and friends stayed away from me. I was so depressed, I suffered a stroke which led to the loss of my both legs. I was paralysed. I could not walk or do anything other than wait for death.

"Then, I heard about Jesus and decided to accept Him as my Saviour. I was taken to church on Sunday and there I got a radio as a gift from the church pastor so I can listen to your programme.

"God’s words in the radio programme The Word Today uplifted me. It touched my heart and I sincerely repented of my sins. Now, I want to serve him wholeheartedly. Although my health is failing and I am old, I know God will take care of me as I keep his words in my heart faithfully."

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