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Whoever Hears Him and Obeys is Wise

Asia, China, NE Asia
CHINA — Here is a message we received from a listener of the Mandarin program, Heralds of Hope:

"Dear teacher,

"I was able to listen to the program very clearly the other day.

"[Thank you for the lesson that] the Lord is our teacher — Jesus is Lord and He is our teacher. Our foundation is in Jesus and He teaches with full authority, and whoever hears Him and obeys is wise.

"If we build our house on Jesus' teachings — no matter how big the waves are, or how strong the tides — our house can still be stable. "Do we build on the Lord, or build on our own wisdom? These are two distinct paths that lead in different directions, and they have discrete outcomes. We are not able to enjoy both of them.

"I pray God will help me be able to enjoy the joy of victory in Him.

"Thank you teacher for your lesson ... I see the warning in God's Word, and this is God's special mercy [for us]."
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