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A Miracle Moment in Madagascar

By TWR Staff
Africa, Madagascar, S&E Africa, Thru the Bible

TWR-Africa transmits Thru the Bible in Malagasy over short wave from Monday to Friday from 16:55 on 9635KHz. The programme is also distributed to some Christian FM stations. Mirana* tuned in recently and wrote to tell us how it changed her life:

“I live in Madagascar. I am married, with three children. Before, I was a fervent churchgoer, but I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus. Going to church was just a customary behaviour, without having a right relationship with Jesus. There are now many changes in my life. God had a plan to really touch me and all my family.

“I have a young son, his name is Patrick1. He never went to church and his behaviour made us ashamed in our community. He was put in jail because he was accused of raping a young girl, of fifteen years old. That was a very hard time for me and my family, but at the same time, it was also the real moment in my life that I sought God's help.

“I turned on the radio to hear God's Word because I really needed it. At that time, I heard a sermon. I took the phone number and the address at the end of the programme.  The next day, I met the pastor who does the programme at Radio Vaovao Mahasoa (Radio Telling the Goodness), the name of one Christian radio station in my city.

“I told him my family problem, but he said to me that God has a wonderful plan for me and for my family also. I wanted at that time for him to talk about my son's problem. But first, he presented the gospel to my daughter and I. At the end of the explanation, he asked us if we really wanted Jesus to be our personal Saviour and let him enter our hearts. I did and it was the first time in my life that I felt God's presence convicting and convincing me.

“The Holy Spirit convinced me that I was a sinner and will be lost eternally if I do not have Jesus. I said, 'Jesus, you know who I am, now, at this time, I really need you in my entirely messy life. I am yours.' The pastor told me that as a new creature in Christ, I must follow the course of a new disciple. I asked him, 'What about my son's problem?' He said, 'If he did not do it, he will be released. Do not bribe anyone who offers to set him free from jail. We will pray and await the court judgment.'

“The judgment was after one month, at the court. We prayed and fasted. Would you believe the decision of the court? He was set free because, in front of the judges, the young girl told the whole truth .... That was also the time for my son to be convicted to let Jesus enter his life. I see that Jesus is working and doing a mighty work in our family.

“Now, I have led all my family members to Christ, and we started a small group in the area where I live. To Jesus only be the glory for what he has done for me and continues to do within and through me.

*Name changed for security reasons

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