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Called to Serve: Mike Lambert, Chief Engineer

By TWR Staff
Africa, Engineering, Eswatini, S&E Africa
“There are many ways that you can serve our Lord in the TWR family. I invite you to explore this website to discover how God can employ your unique gifts and talents to bring the transforming message of Jesus Christ to the ends of the world.” — Lauren Libby, TWR president

At TWR, we stand by the conviction that missions is not limited. We believe that God's kingdom work is expansive — crossing continents, lives and careers. And God will use anyone with willing hands and an open heart to share the gospel — people like Mike. And if the Lord can use a chief engineer to reach the world, how could he use you?

We sat down with Mike to talk about the journey that brought him into the TWR family and how the Lord is using his skills to help share the gospel. You can also view this interview on YouTube.

Mike, how did you begin to sense God was calling you to missions?
Missionary work was never in the cards for me. Both me and my wife, Wendy, we both came to faith as adults and Christian radio played a big role in our spiritual growth over the years. So it is interesting that it was through Christian radio that Wendy first heard about Trans World Radio and the need that they have for engineers all over the world to help with getting the gospel out to countries that can’t be reached otherwise. When she first told me about it, I wasn’t so sure that was the right move for us. I had a great job with a really good company. I was a quality engineer for an iconic microphone engineer, and things were going well. And I was not feeling a pull to anything else, but when Wendy first heard about it, she spoke to me about it, and she convinced me to pray about it. And I did. And I prayed about it for about a year, and just over that time, there were little things here and there where God was pulling our minds back to this opportunity. And finally I just knew that this is what God was calling us to.

What was your transition journey like?
Now, the journey here was not easy. We had to raise our own support, and like I said, we came to faith as adults, so all those childhood friends from church and the families we grew up around — we didn’t have that support base. So it took us a while, but through the whole thing, God was faithful, and he would give us little reminders here and there that we were on the right path and keep going. And I’m glad we did because now I’m able to use the gifts God gave me as an engineer to work towards something with eternal purpose, to get his gospel out and the hope of Jesus Christ into homes and out to people in places that would not otherwise hear the gospel. And I’m not going around doing the preaching myself, but by doing the work that I’m doing, someone else’s preaching and teaching is able to get to many, many more times the number of people than it otherwise would have.

What would you say to someone who is exploring a transition from a secular job to a missions role?
So if you’re [reading] this, I just want to encourage you to think about the gifts God has given you and spend some time praying about how you might use those gifts for his kingdom. Who knows? He might be calling you to join us here as well.

Mike and his wife, Wendy, are missionaries to the TWR station in Eswatini, Africa (formerly known as Swaziland). Mike serves as chief engineer, managing the engineering team that is responsible for maintaining, troubleshooting and optimizing transmitters at our broadcasting site. Without engineers to send these programs out, the words of hope can’t reach the millions of people across Africa.

Want to see how your gifts can be used to reach the world? Explore our Serve page for opportunities!
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