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From a Small, Dark Cell

By TWR Staff
Africa, Eritrea, S&E Africa

Nasih*, a prisoner from Eritrea wrote this moving letter to us recently:

"It is from a small, dark cell that I am writing you this letter. The crime I committed unknowingly was the cause for my imprisonment. I condemned myself for what I did. It caused great suffering for me, even to the extent that I attempted to kill myself. I also thought that I would never live a normal or good life. I lost all hope and the energy to live and was overwhelmed by my guilty conscience. I was hopeless, helpless and frustrated. I feared that God wouldn't pardon my sin and transgressions.

"I shared my burden and worries with a prisoner in the next cell. Fortunately, he was a believer and spoke to me in a way that gave me hope and relief. I became  interested in what he had to say, and we frequently sat together for discussions. He told me how God created the world and mankind. He then explained the fallen history of mankind, and yet how God is merciful to man. He told me that the saving deeds of the Lord Jesus Christ were done for the sake of God's love for His children.

"He told me the story about the two criminals crucified with the Lord Jesus - how one of them was saved and given a promise to be in heaven with the Lord Jesus. He told me so much! He also told me about the radio ministry and its impact on his life. My hope and interest grew and grew. He promised to get me a radio, so that I could listen to the broadcasts and Bible teachings. Two months later, my dream came true - he got a radio for me. I kept listening for months and asked my friend for further explanations.

"The way the Lord visited me is really a miracle. I am now a free person - free of sin, free of a guilty conscience, free from hatred and skepticism. Though my body is confined in this small, dark room, my soul and spirit are not restricted. My spirit is free to communicate with the Saviour! The Holy Spirit is with me all the time, dwelling inside of me, giving me light in the darkness.

"This is the way God visits His people. The radio ministry is doing a great job in reaching souls in the darkness, in the cells, where there is no other means of access to His Word.

"May the Lord give you strength and wisdom in carrying out His great commission."

*Not his real name.

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