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From Reckless to Redeemed

By TWR Staff
Africa, Eritrea, S&E Africa

"I praise God, who enabled me to give my testimony for the new life I am experiencing," wrote a listener from Eritrea.

"I was brought up in a God-fearing family and learned Christian manners and ethics in my early childhood, but in my teenage years I was totally lost. Like the Prodigal Son mentioned in the Bible, I was immersed in all immoral and evil things: getting drunk; committing adultery; smoking; fighting; mocking and disrespecting old people, and so on. The list could be much longer. But doing these things was not giving me any satisfaction.

“Quarreling and fighting were happening frequently in our house. Mom tried to sympathize with me, but Dad reacted vigorously against me. I destroyed my life and also my family's lives. My parents were about to get divorced because of me. Eventually I dropped out of school and spent my time wandering around the city.

“Now I am 21 years old, and it was last year that I quarreled with my dad and went to stay in my friend's house. His sister persistently told me to return to my father's house to live in peace. She is a strong believer, a regular listener to the radio broadcast and attends church services. One night she was listening to a Bible lesson on Luke chapter 15, especially from verse 11 to the end. The presenter was addressing the story of the Lost Son. The preacher was speaking to me.

“My spirit was totally shattered, and my heart broken. My tears flowed like water. I came to realise what I had become and was convicted of my wrongdoings. God met me and found me where I was lost. Now I am back in my father's house, living in peace with my parents, brothers and sisters, and above all with God. God is so good. He never stops calling back His beloved ones.

“I thank my friend's sister, who was such a blessing to me, and your radio ministry that became a blessing for my soul."

"Wishing you God's blessing."

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