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Hope Knows No Barriers Amidst the Pandemic Woes

By Bulelwa Mokori
Africa, CAMENA, N Africa, S&E Africa, W&C Africa

“When the global COVID-19 pandemic started in March 2020 I got more messages from Italy!” Lorraine Stavropoulos, TWR’s DX-secretary told us. “People who were locked down with nothing to do seemed to begin listening to foreign radio stations.”

DXing, for those unfamiliar with the term, means listening to far-away — usually foreign — radio stations. "D" is said to mean distance and "X" refers to the unknown.

Stavropoulos strongly believes God’s promise written in Isaiah 55:11, “So shall my word be that goes forth from my mouth; It shall not return to me void”. Lorraine encourages DX listeners to write to her. When she responds, she gives them Bible verses using a QSL card which is a confirmation that the details they give are indeed from a TWR station.

Lorraine notes that though the number of DX responds are the same in 2020 as in other years, what has been different is where they traditionally come from. Many were from countries outside Africa: Europe, Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Canada, Columbia, Denmark, Indonesia and India.

Lorraine further indicates DXers are much more open to the gospel. She is delighted to spread the ministry to people all around the globe. Lorraine says DXing is a hobby to many of the listeners but the gospel message she puts on QSL cards is an opportunity for her to give them the gospel. Speaking from her heart, Lorraine says, “On the QSL cards I put Bible verses and can pray for them. I can tell them to also stream TWR360 in their own country and language which points them to the gospel of Jesus Christ. In that way they can think about the Word of God. Some DXers are Christians while others are not. There is hope in reaping the harvest after planting the gospel seed.”

The nature of DX listening is that the country they listen to is far from them, thus, Lorraine sends the DX listener to the TWR region in which they live. For example, Lorraine recalls a DXer from Italy whose marriage was falling apart. She put him in touch with TWR in Europe. Interestingly, there are few DX listeners from Africa who are from countries such as South Africa, Morocco or Egypt. 


Lorraine explains the QSL card and her personal ministry to DX listeners. “DXers write to TWR and ask for a QSL card. I send them a card with a photo of our transmitters and a Bible verse. My son John had written a book about life which was full of Scripture. Many of these verses provoke questions about life. I intentionally use some of these verses on the QSL cards. My aim, with the help of the Lord, is to make people think about eternity. Some people send many requests for QSL cards. Every time I answer them, I use a different Bible verse. I keep praying for them as a personal ministry.


Many people around the world are separated from God, living without hope. For more than 65 years, God has enabled TWR (also known as Trans World Radio) to be a faithful friend and to provide hope in a dark world. TWR continues to reach beyond all barriers with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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