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Preaching to Pastors

By TWR Staff
Africa, Kenya, S&E Africa, Thru the Bible

Thru The Bible is a 30-minute Bible study radio programme that takes the listener through the entire Bible in five years, going back and forth between the Old and New Testaments. This programme has been aired on radio stations since 1967.1 In Kenya, the programme is called Neno which means, "Word."  One of these Kenyans has been listening intently since she was a little girl. She told us about the importance of this programme in her life:

“As a Primary School Kid ...
I was born again when I was a very young girl. I needed to grow in my spiritual life, and it was the Word of God, through the Neno programme, which helped me to get strong in my faith. I remember being in primary school - I was able to share the Word of God with my classmates (because of Neno). Before I became a pastor, some of them even started calling me, 'a small little pastor'. And some isolated me because of the Word of God. In that I thank God so much because He had set me apart.

“As a Sunday School Teacher ...
I remember in church I was selected to be a Sunday school teacher. At that time, I didn't have a lot of knowledge about the Word of God. That is why I used to like listening to the Neno programme - I would take the stories that were given in the Neno programme to Sunday school. People would think that I really knew the Word of God, but it's just because I used to get them from the Neno programme and bring them to church. And that way I really got a lot of help.

“As a Bible School Student ...
Even at Bible school I still loved to listen to the Word of God through the Neno programme. I remember there was a radio that belonged to the students. It used to be turned on only at 10:30 when the Neno programme would start. And that time we would be coming from the chapel and having a break. And as my other classmates would go to take tea or do other things, I would sit quietly and listen to the Word of God ... At one point the radio was called "That Radio That Belongs to Lea!" The Neno programme expands the Word and makes it really big!

“Understanding the New Testament ...
When we studied the New Testament, it looked a bit difficult to understand. Many people explain it badly. Yet, whenever I would listen to it through the Neno programme I'd really understand it clearly. I would then be encouraged and have the zeal to explain the Word of God properly.

“Gratitude ...
I thank God that even the Neno programme has been brought to our homes in these small towns like Voi. My prayer is that this programme continues to reach people and to change their hearts and lives just the same way it was able to reach me as a little girl. May it also reach many people, even the young and the old so that they can understand the Word of God. God bless you.”

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