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Words of life in a hospital’s wards

By Zeke Hansen
Africa, S&E Africa, Zimbabwe
5 October 2022
Audio recording equipment including microphones standing in a room with sound boards
Karanda Mission Hospital Studios, within the Karanda Mission Hospital premises.

A mission hospital in a remote area of northern Zimbabwe is providing spiritual truth in addition to medical care.

Karanda Mission Hospital, established in 1961, serves more than 75 000 individuals annually, routinely providing surgery and treatment to the people of Zimbabwe.

Slightly blurry picture of a man sitting behind a desk and a microphoneThrough a partnership with TWR, Karanda’s patients now have access to the radio programme Thru the Bible twice daily on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the hospital’s wards. Listeners receive solid biblical teaching in Shona, which is spoken by more than 70% of Zimbabweans.

It’s a pioneering work. TWR’s Bill Mial has been promoting “hospital radio” for 15 years, although in a different form. “But in reality, it is the same vision, so I simply say Praise the Lord,” Mial commented.

The hospital initiated the connection in late 2019, asking TWR Zimbabwe for programmes to run through the hospital. TWR Zimbabwe had a ready supply of Thru the Bible programmes already translated into Shona, so the teachings were on the Karanda airwaves by February 2020.

Karanda receives support in the form of supplies and personnel from the mission agency TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission). Because its services are among the most affordable in Zimbabwe, people from all around the country and beyond seek care there.

It’s a perfect marriage between the mission of TWR, to bring the world to Christ through mass media so that lasting fruit is produced, and Karanda Mission Hospital, whose mission includes providing “an authentic Christian witness” and participating “in spiritual ministry to patients.” Karanda runs what is essentially a community radio station that connects through the speakers in the hospital wards.

A young man wearing a red T-shirt is sitting behind a microphone.The biblical teaching is noticed.
“The systematic Bible-study programmes gave me my fruit,” one recently discharged patient wrote. “I can safely say that even though I wasn’t able to be reading the Bible on my own, through this programme I was reading and studying the Word.”

Another former patient called to say, “It is like l have been in church. Thank you for the great teachings l heard while l was being attended to at the hospital.”

Melindah Kilijami, national director for TWR Zimbabwe, said she is seeking similar arrangements with other mission hospitals. Please pray with us that God will open doors to expand TWR’s hospital radio ministry.

All Images courtesy of TWR Zimbabwe.

1. Chaplain Dzimba in the studio listening to TTB Shona as it broadcasts.

2. A young man on a live discussion broadcast at Karanda.

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